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***NOTE*** Once you click the Pay Now button, you simply need to enter “Price Per Item” is the total amount you are paying, quantity = 1. Example: A $1,000 payment is entered as “Price Per Item $1,000 and Quantity is 1.  You will confirm this on the secure payment page.

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Payment Terms:
*By clicking on “Pay Now” and completing this payment process, you agree that you have purchased goods or services, or are making a deposit payment for services to be rendered, or are paying a debt to “US”, (John Wind Interactive, Inc.), John Wind, an individual, or related individuals, affiliates, partners or businesses,“We”) and that by completing this transaction and payment process, you are satisfied with your purchase, service and/or agree to the debt amount due that you are paying.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, you are hereby agreeing to the amount that you are paying in this transaction without dispute and that you fully understand that WE ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REFUND ANY PORTION THAT YOU HAVE PAID FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

*Revised November 1, 2018